About Us

We are located in a small town in upstate New York. We started designing hand painted wooden switch plate covers  when the  oldest of our three sons was entering college. As a family business each member has developed original designs  and  created their own collection of switch plates and outlet  covers. We happily participate in local art shows in the northeast. Themes running through Switch-It's collections  vary  greatly as we are continuously inspired by events and local craft shows. 


All our switch plate covers are cut out of wood that is only 1/8" thick to not interfere with the actual switch. Each switch is  individually hand painted and sealed with shellac and varnish to allow simple cleaning. Screws are included and painted to match the hand painted design on each switch plate. 

The hand painted switch plates allow us to customize colors and take special orders. Please feel free to email us if you  have  a request, or specific colors that you need to help take that home decorating project over the top.