Refund Policy

Product Colors
Computer monitors color settings may vary. This can affect how colors appear on your screen. All of our products are accurately portrayed in the images on, but due to slight on-screen discrepancies, it may not appear 100% identical to the colors on the product received. cannot be held responsible for color discrepancies. We make every effort to accurately display and describe products' colors.

Returns and Refunds
We want you to be happy with our service and the products we provide, without feeling rushed.

If you're not happy, please Contact us at to initiate the return process for your item that is in new condition with all original packaging.

For a hassle-free refund process, please make sure you follow these policies:
If your product came missing any parts (such as a screw), please Contact us at to resolve quickly. Simply let us know the switch that was purchased and color so we can attempt to match the switch plate in question. As each Switch plate is hand painted, colors may not match exactly. We will do our best to replace the parts in question. If you decide you do not want to resolve any missing parts or defects/damage and the item is in new condition, the item can be returned under our normal return policy.
You can return any merchandise in brand new and unused condition.

We pledge to make your return experience just as pleasant and easy as your buying experience!